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Shelly Cox ~ Pickleball

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September News and Updates

The September Newsletter was just released, click below to read it! 

Lithia Park Lessons

I continue to teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Lithia Park in Ashland. To access the schedule and sign up you will need to create a free CourtReserve Account, instructions on the Lessons page.

Rogue Valley Country Club

My schedule for clinics and lessons at RVCC is now on CourtReserve under RVCC. Non-members are welcome to take lessons and clinics at the club, they add an additional $5 facility fee to cost of the class/lesson.

IMPORTANT: My schedule for RVCC is on the RVCC Court Reserve Site. Please "Add" it to your "Organizations" in your current Court Reserve Account to access my RVCC Calendar. Instructions on how to do this are on the lessons page.

September Pickleball Schedule.jpg

September 29th-30th
Clinics with Joy Leising and Tracie DeJager!

Up/Down Challenge with Pro Players Tracie DeJager and Joy Leising! 

Friday Sept 29th 6-9pm: Play with the Pros Up/Down Challenge $45/person 

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to pit your skills against two of the top women players in the Pacific Northwest! Mixed/gender teams welcome, no partner necessary! 

(All will have a turn to play w/Tracie and Joy and get feedback if desired). 

Clinics Saturday Sept 30th: 

9am-12pm Women's Doubles Clinic 3.0+: Ladies only clinic designed for the emerging player at the 2.75-3.25 level. You will be grouped with similarly skilled players, grab your favorite drill/playing partners and come level up your game together!  $100/person

1pm-4pm Women’s Doubles Clinic 3.5+: Ladies Only Clinic designed for the 3.5-4.0 player looking to develop more advanced skills and playing strategies. You will be grouped with similarly skilled players, grab your favorite drill/playing partners and come level up your game together! $100/person

5:30pm-8:30pm Gendered or Mixed Doubles 4.0+: Open to all players (men and women) 3.75+ level and above looking to add advanced shot selection and playing strategies to their tool belt. You will be grouped with similarly skilled players, grab your favorite drill/playing partners and come level up your game together! $100/person.

Joy Leising Tracie DeJager Pickleball
Women Teaching Women Clinics (2).jpg

Joy Leising

PPR Certified Instructor Joy Leising grew up in the midwest playing competitive Tennis since she was 6 years old. She got the “pickleball bug” when she was asked to play a tournament in Canada. Joy achieved gold in 2021 in both mixed and women’s doubles 5.0 age 35+ doubles and she ranked as one of the top PNW Women’s professional players, achieving 15 national medals. Joy is able to meet players at any pickleball skill level, she emphasizes listening to which areas her students want to improve, helping them find new strengths in their game, and developing new skills.

Tracie DeJager

IPTPA Certified Instructor and professional pickleball player, Tracie DeJager is a three-sport athlete with a background in exercise science and community health. She has been playing and coaching pickleball for the past 11 years. She is a top 50 DUPR ranked player in both women’s and mixed doubles and an alternate for Major League Pickleball in 2023. She is currently teaching pickleball full time at RECS in Portland and at Level Up pickleball clinics.

Why Do I Bring Pro Clinics To You?

I have devoted considerable time and money traveling to learn from Pro Pickleball players. I added up my expenses recently and in the last two years I have nearly spent what I did on getting a Master's Degree in Music! The hotels, gas, food, and lesson fees accrue quickly and that doesn't even count the time I take away from my regular job. It's all worth it because I feel passionately about learning, improving my own skills, building relationships with pro players from other areas, and bringing back really good information to pass on to you all. You might look at the upcoming clinics and think "$100 for a 3 hour Clinic? No Way. Too Expensive!" But if you travelled to Portland to study with exceptional players like Joy and Tracie you'd spend $90/hour on the lesson fee for just ONE of them, plus gas and eating out, and a hotel for one night is easily $150. It adds up quickly! I love being able to bring these players to town and create incredible learning opportunities for you. The more participation we have, the more opportunities I can create! So please, grab your friends and sign up for this fabulous learning and playing opportunity! And guess what? After you are exhausted from killing it on the court you get to go home and sleep in your very own bed!

The Southern Oregon Pickleball Association needs your support!

By becoming a member of SOPA you help support the work they do advocating for pickleball in our community. SOPA provides the lockboxes with free nets at local public courts, they helped fund the lights at Lithia Park, they organize playing opportunities and low costs clinics, and they advocate with city parks departments for more courts. Support them today by joining for only $35 per year! 


The mission of SOPA is to promote the growth and development of pickleball in Southern Oregon, as a means to encourage health and social engagement by providing information, equipment, instruction, and organized play for all ages.


We will work to develop additional locations accommodating the growth of pickleball in Southern Oregon while elevating the level of play for all members.


  1. Social Connections — Membership and community involvement, including fun social events, etc.

  2. Transparency — Open communication within the board and membership

  3. Inclusivity — Involve as many people from the community as possible to become a diverse association

  4. Accessibility — Equipment, tournaments, leagues, ladders, courts

  5. Elevating game play — Provide clinics, drill sessions, round robins, and leagues

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Shelly Cox Pickleball Ashland Oregon

Shelly Cox

IPTPA Level 2 Teaching Professional

IPTPA Certified Ratings Specialist

Teacher, Player, Lover of the Game

Shelly Cox is an IPTPA Level 2 Certified Teaching Professional and Certified Ratings Specialist and gives lessons and clinics in Southern Oregon. Originally a tennis and racketball player, Shelly discovered and immediately fell in love with Pickleball and is passionate about both playing and teaching. She has studied pickleball with top professionals including Wes Gabrielsen, Bonnie Williams and Steve Paranto and is excited to share what she has learned with the Rogue Valley Pickleball community. Shelly has over 30 years experience teaching and performing as a classical musician. The advanced coaching skills she developed during that time have transferred well to teaching pickleball and she maintains a fun, positive, learning focused culture on the court. Shelly is a Selkirk Advocate and uses their paddles because they are the best!  When she does not have a paddle in hand, Shelly works as a real estate agent, teaches music, skis, hikes in the woods, travels, reads, gardens, and spends time with her three grown children. 

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